Zero Emissions Advertising

Advertising is an important part of your brand, make it carbon neutral.

We are able to provide our customers with carbon neutral advertising campaigns

A company committed to reducing its impact on the climate must also carry out zero-emission advertising campaigns.

Carbon neutral advertising is also an important tool for increasing a positive brand and company reputation.

By analyzing the carbon footprint of an advertising campaign during its entire life cycle, it is possible to identify its main criticalities and a plan for optimization and reduction of costs and CO2 emissions.

Unavoidable emissions can be offset by joining recognized and certified projects such as forestry operations, energy efficiency, ecological transition and sustainable development. Finally, these actions must be enhanced with communication activities.

As part of its consulting activity, Neutralia can provide:

  • Report of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from advertising campaigns and the related detail of emissions by operating sector;
  • Strategies to reduce the carbon emissions of advertising campaigns;
  • Support in the choice of actions to be taken for offsetting activities with the aim of Carbon Neutrality;
  • Support in communication on Carbon Neutrality

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