Corporate Carbon Footprint

Discover the level of carbon emissions associated with your business

Measure the carbon footprint generated by your company

Measuring the carbon footprint of your company is the first important step to take any action to improve climate impact of the company’s activities.

Calculating the organization’s carbon footprint allows you to know and quantify the company’s annual greenhouse gas emissions and to understand what strategies can be set to reduce them progressively over time.

The calculation takes into account both direct company emissions, due to the use of fuels or gases (scope 1), and indirect ones associated with the consumption of electricity (scope 2), the activity of suppliers, or the lifecycle of the used products (scope 3).

The reporting activity is carried out in accordance with the international Greenhouse Gas Protocol standards (GHG Protocol) and ISO 14064-1.

Our corporate carbon footprint measurement services include:

  • Analysis of scope 1-3 emission sources and preparation of the inventory in accordance with the GHG Protocol and ISO14064-1;
  • Quantification of emissions for the reference year covered by the carbon footprint and identification of carbon hotspots;
  • Identification of areas for the improvement and definition of strategies and objectives to reduce direct and indirect carbon emissions or offset emissions that cannot be reduced;
  • Edit the corporate carbon footprint GHG Report
  • Assist with ISO 14064-1 certification process

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