Make your company and your products carbon neutral

We help organizations invest in certified projects that reduce, avoid or remove carbon from the atmosphere.

The first objective to be pursued by an organization committed to climate protection is certainly that of the continuous and progressive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions due to its activities, products and services.

A first important action in defense of the climate is to reduce the demand for energy, abandon fossil fuels in favor of renewable energy and reduce the carbon footprint of products and services.

In addition to reducing its direct and indirect emissions, a company can offset the residual emissions that cannot be reduced, or that have not yet been reduced, through the purchase on the market of carbon credits deriving from national or international certified projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions or their removal from the atmosphere (carbon offsetting).

The projects may involve reforestation, interventions to improve energy efficiency or the installation of renewable sources up to the removal of carbon from the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting projects also contribute to improving the living conditions of local communities, guaranteeing social, economic and environmental benefits on a global scale.

Neutralia supports organizations of all types and sizes in offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by identifying the most suitable projects on which to invest to acquire the carbon credits necessary to balance the climate footprint of activities, products or services.

In identifying compensation projects for our clients, we strictly follow the “Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting” and only consider certified projects according to international standards such as the Gold Standard, the Verified Carbon Standard, the Climate, Community and Biodiversity Standard and the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM).