Carbon Emission Reduction

Aim at Net Zero Carbon Emissions Goal

We support companies in defining climate action strategies

All organizations today must place climate protection and the reduction of carbon emissions at the heart of their development policies. To be competitive in the market, it is now necessary to undertake the commitment to become “carbon neutral” companies as soon as possible and achieve the “net-zero carbon emissions” goal. This will be possible by setting a precise strategy and adopting concrete, transparent and easily identifiable actions by all stakeholders.

Improvement actions must be included within an effective and long-term program capable of generating long-lasting value for all stakeholders.

Neutralia studies and develops, together with companies, the implementation of the best action strategies in favor of climate, taking into account the characteristics, mission and corporate sustainability objectives in order to integrate the new challenges linked to climate change into their business models.

Organizations capable of assessing and understanding climate-related risks and opportunities will be able to make better long-term decisions by significantly improving their growth and development opportunities.

With our climate strategy experts, we help our clients better understand and manage their carbon footprint.

Our services include:

  • Materiality analysis to identify the most relevant environmental and social priorities, in line with the organization’s business strategies;
  • Inventory of CO₂ emissions;
  • Analysis of risks and opportunities;
  • Identification of improvement areas and definition of strategies for reducing direct and indirect carbon emissions;
  • Definition of an action plan for the reduction and compensation of emissions for the short, medium and long term

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